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Triforce of Hyrule Chat
    Well That is cool Man. There may just be You and me at the moment, But Forums as a whole seem to be a dying breed any way. But I will be around if you need me too.
    hey all been thinking about this site and I am far behind but I may have some extra time to try and work on the site. will probably work on newest game first and go backwards
    I hope that people do start becoming active again too, but KKL is correct without active members this site is dying.
    well I think it's time to let this site fall completely, I havent finished Skyward Sword, or anything beyond, I do not have the time to do so, I wish it werent so, but it has to be. perhaps I can find some time to try before the domain is up
    yeah I am aware, I havent updated in a while. no one to help and alot of work
    On the front page, u are missing (A Link Between Worlds and The Legend Of Zelda 3DS) as well as Hyrule Warriors.
    Hi all I am still here to help King Krazy Link, But we need more help to get Triforce of Hyrule updated to the latest info and other stuff as we possible can. I still have Zelda 101 as well and i am busy with that and other stuff too. I will still be here to help as well. We just can't do everything alone.
    Hello All
    Yes Ive been to the other sites and done some advertising. Just no luck
    I also need to upgrade teh main site to have some other Zelda games in the Menu like ALBW, and obviously MM 3D
    you guy could go visit want midna back or some other forums to get members... or try finding fans on deviantart (i know theres tons of fans there)
    have you guys tried visiting other zelda forums to look for new members?
    this site may be closing up shop soon\
    and I have no motivation to do much work here, an entire new layout, several sections of work to be added, I just dont have the time
    Well the 3 of us or not man, it is not completely dead.
    well aside from the 3 of us, its pretty dead, I have no motivation to even work on the main site lol
    It is not 100% dead. Is that not the important thing?
    I am here when i can be, I have been redoing my Youtube Channel and adding new Videos as well.
    uhhh such a dead site
    lol, I tried to make me pretty easy
    Alright, had my Lady look at them as well and we put the answers that might be given in. So, shouldn't be any problem from now on unless someone is a complete dumbass.
    I could easily get most of them, there are however a few without google I probably wouldn't remember lol.
    go to ACP, on left side click on spambot countermeasures, scroll down until you see the Q/A click on configure and read the questions
    go check it out in the admin panel
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