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Zelda Game & Watch Story

As stated in the manual, eight dragons are causing havok in Hyrule. They refuse to live in peace and they plan to conquer the land. Zelda has been captured in the battle between Hylian and dragon. You, the lone hero Link, resolve to slay every dragon in the labyrinth in which they hide. These dragons plan to stop you with the aid of Stalfos skeletons, goblins and ghosts.

Zelda Game & Watch Controls

This game is very simple, with the up button to climb stairs, down to use the Water of Life, and the left and right buttons to move in the desired location one step per push. The big black attack button uses your sword to attack or block the ghost.

Zelda Game & Watch Characters

The following has been taken from the game's instruction manual. Link:
The hero of the game. He risks his life and fights to rescue Princess Zelda.

Princess Zelda:
Link's sweetheart who was kidnapped by the dragons and locked inside a deep dungeon.

The boss who lives in each of the chambers in the labyrinth. You must defeat each of them to advance to the next chamber.

The boss of each of the labyrinth worlds. He spits fire while attacking with his tail.

Between one and four of these appear in each of the chambers. You cannot attack them.

They attack Link from behind. You cannot attack them.

Zelda Game & Watch Chambers

The game begins with Link in a chamber with one Goblin and a Stalfos. Like with all Goblins, block the spears he throws untill he reaches over the ledge for you. Attack his head at this point. When the Stalfos under you begins to raise his sword, you should dodge backwards. I usually fall back at the last minute, as in later levels you need timing to avoid getting stabbed.

Traveling and Battle Strategy:
When the Goblin is defeated, it is always best to go right, as that is where the tomahawk is. Even though going right requires you to go through more chambers, it is best as you can rack up more points and life.
Once you have five hearts, you are able to shoot beams from your sword. At this point, I retreat to the far left corner and just let the beams fly over to the doomed Goblin. This strategy also works with four Stafloses under your feet and a ghost behind you. Once a sence of timing is established and the sword shoots beams, you are essencally invincible (unless you get careless).

The dragons all share the same strategy. Get the axe, and be prepared to spen a lot of your time dodging. When I do battle, I usually attack, dodge, attack, and dodge. Though this is time consuming, it preserves your five heart life-span for those dungeons. In other words, do not be bullish and attack at full force. Also beware the tail. It is hard to see and sometimes forces you to doge right into a fireball.

Zelda Game & Watch Items

This weapon is three times stronger than your sword. You automatically use it when you are pitted against a dragon. You should find this weapon as it is very important to beat the game. To find it, keep going right when given a choice to travel. Once a dragon is defeated, you may no longer use the axe.

This shows you what the dungeon looks like. You will find that level 1 and level 5 are identical, as is 2 to 6, 3 to 7, and 4 to 8. It is not important to find this item. It also shows you what room you are in.

Water of Life:
This is the same as it is in all the other Zelda games. It refills your life. Unlike other Zelda games, when you run out of hearts, it automatically gives you maximum life. You can have only one bottle at a time. To use it at any other time press down.

This is self explanitory to Zelda fans - it revives your life meter by one heart.



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