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Couple New Affiliates
We would just like to let everyone know we have two new affiliates. First a warm thank you to Link's Hideaway for there agreement for affiliation, and secondly, a big thanks to North Castle for there help as well.

We appreciate the friendliness in the Zelda online community and how the websites connect with each other with support as well!
               Sep 20 2012
$29,999.99 - Wand of Gamelon/Faces of Evil
Just a posting on ebay that I have found. An outrageous priced bidding on The Wand of Gamelon and The faces of Evil together in one posting. Both brand new un-opened, obviously rare and hard to find. A total of $29,999.99 for both. I couldn't imagine anyone paying that much. Other postings have individual games going for a couple hundred each.

Click to see the Ebay listing for yourself
               Sep 18 2012
Nintendo will replace broken GamePads for a fee
Nintendo has revealed that it will replace any broken Wii U GamePads for a fee (that’s fee, not free), in case unfortunate players manage to break their controller. Although the specific Wii U warranty details are yet to be unveiled, a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed that it will be possible to replace the tablet controllers, since they won’t be sold separately in stores in the US or Europe.

Nintendo won’t be selling the Wii U GamePad separately in the US (but will in Japan), so what happens when players break their GamePad? That was the question Gimme Gimme Games asked Nintendo, and the reply was that the controller can be replaced. A Nintendo rep said, “individual replacement Wii U GamePad controllers will be available from Nintendo Consumer Service for a fee”.

He didn’t mention what the “fee” was, but it could be considerable, considering the Wii U GamePad will be sold separately in Japan for a hefty $170. The Nintendo rep added that “Nintendo warranties do not cover physical damage”. So don’t expect a free replacement of your GamePad should you abuse it. Like letting your dog play with it.

Nintendo will start selling the GamePad individually in North America and Europe at some point in the future. The Wii U supports up to two tablet controllers at the same time, although when both are used, the game frame rate drops to 30fps.

Wii U Daily
               Sep 17 2012
Full list of Wii U games and their launch schedule
Nintendo revealed that over 50 games will be available during the Wii U “launch window”. Later, we found out that the “launch window” actually spans all the way to March 2013. It still means that a ton of Wii U games will be available on launch day (November 18 in the US), and many more in the following months. Sadly, it also confirms that some of the highly anticipated games like Pikmin 3 and Mass Effect 3 will be coming out in early 2013. Here’s a full breakdown of all the Wii U games and their launch schedule (follow the link for each game for more info, screenshots, trailers, and more):

Full List of Games. Check it out, 15 games release the same day as Wii U, many more to follow.
               Sep 17 2012

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