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Join the Triforce of Hyrule Staff

So you think you got what it takes to be a part of the Staff? Well read the fallowing information and if you qualify or meet the standards then email me at

Content writer:
- You have at least played and beaten at least 2 games that you can help with.
- Are willing to do an all out game information quide.
- Help get any new info, images, video clips, etc for any new and upcoming video Games.

Site Updater:
- Are able to get any kind of gaming news that will keep people interested in
- Willing to possibly help in other areas of the site, such as maybe doing some content writing.

Graphics Artist
- Since we have like 3 people who make make graphics already, it's gonna be hard to get a position as a graphics artist, but if you want it, you gotta be good. I mean real good, compete in our contests, etc, etc. We might put a vote up to the forum members as to what they think about your skills as well.
- Willing to help do other areas of work such as content writer or site updater from time to time.




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